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Spring Wine Weekend will inspire many new visitors to explore the Calaveras Wine Region for the first time.  AND... long-time loyalists, members, etc. will plan reunions with friends and family as they reengage with your family-run tasting rooms, restaurants, and hotels. This is an important weekend for your business and I have provided some tips for preparing offers and events that best connect and encourage sales PLUS reengagement (2nd visit/sale). Reach out if you have questions or want to explore these ideas. Cheers! Sandra 

Idea #1

Lugging wine boxes and bags around Spring Wine Weekend isn't fun or fashionable. Offer $5 shipping on 6-packs and case purchases OR free delivery to local hotels to solve a problem and increase average order values. Create a Spring Wine Weekend Promo Sheet for staff to review a week in advance that includes 3-4 focused offers to move 6-packs and cases. "Spring Sippers Promotion" or a "Summer Stock-Up Sale" can be very appealing and help the staff best connect an offer based on interest. Visitors with vacation homes in the area or a party coming up will appreciate these types of offers. PRO TIP: Print and Frame the offers so that guests can see them on tabletops, in windows, etc. AND add a QR code if possible. 

Idea #2

"Added-Value" goes a long way when encouraging first-time visitors to convert to a sale. Can you add a wine opener, wine accessory, or piece of merchandise to qualifying orders? OR bundle a few event tickets to qualifying orders?  This ensures a re-engagement while sweetening the deal. Think 3-4 bottles of your "Fan Favorite Packs" as a qualifying order. PROP TIP: Message/market the offer online and in-person with signage on tabletops and in windows, etc. 

Idea #3

"Contests" can be a lot of fun and a great way to grow your Contact List during event weekends. "Guess the # of Corks" in a large vase or display on the bar encourages tasting room visitors to enter the contest by providing their name, email, phone number, and answer on a slip of paper that gets left in a ballot. PRO TIP: Be sure to include a framed flyer next to the corks messaging the Contest Dates, Prize Overview, and date that the winners will be notified. Clearly indicate "21 and Over Only".  Also, email those who got close but didn't win with a special offer to return or get a $5 shipping offer through your web store with a deadline date to redeem the offer. Time-sensitive offers have a much higher conversion rate. 

Idea #4

Add a Remarkable Experience or Wine Weekend Event to your offerings. Being remarkable in the social media world means your wine brand will reach thousands of new fans/followers when tasting room guests share, post, tweet, and selfie. Being relevant to your wine brand and unique offerings will encourage like-minded guests to engage with your experiences/events. I love that Jazz Cellars already has their live music already dialed in for Spring Wine Weekend as so many of their fans are into the music scene. If your space can't accommodate a band, could you offer a "Blind Tasting" experience with advance reservation? Very easy to facilitate, low cost for materials, and HIGH visibility in video/pics when posting to Facebook and Instagram. Our friends at Aloria Vineyards have designed a Vineyard Hike trail to invite guests with reservations to explore bud break and catch spring blooms. Opportunities to educate and inspire first-time visitors help to build communities around your wine brand. PRO TIP: Create a "Selfie Station" with your logo clearly visible for wine weekend guests to market on your behalf when posting/sharing. Be sure to market your special events, experiences through all marketing outlets in advance of wine weekend.

Idea #5

Reward and Recognize Brand Loyalists during Spring Wine Weekend with VIP Access and Tasting Spaces. Rope off or create a VIP tasting space using table/chairs, umbrellas, and signage that reads, "Reserved - VIP Seating" or similar.  Place tent cards on the VIP tables and create an A-Frame Sign at the entrance that reads the same and also includes a message to "See the Host for Access". Not only should members always get first-access and VIP treatment as a sign of appreciation for loyalty, but this visual cue will also prompt new visitors to ask the right questions about access to membership. Make it easy to signup for membership on the spot with QR Codes and a one-page, secure website sign-up form. Remove paper sign-up forms when possible as the majority of guests no longer feel safe writing their credit card info on a paper form. PRO TIP: market the VIP spaces to members at least one month in advance to ensure they have plenty of time to make a reservation for the busy wine weekend. Provide a "Surprise and Delight" at each VIP table such as a seedling packet from your garden they can plant this spring. Chocolates, etc. 

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