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Calaveras Winemakers Awarded Top Honors at the 43rd Annual Sierra Foothills Wine Competition

Updated: May 7

[May 1, 2024 - Calaveras County] Winners have been announced for this year's Sierra Foothills Wine Competition! This year's competition took place on Friday, April 26th as 20 esteemed judges thoughtfully evaluated 200+ wines in the day-long event. Professional wine reviewers, judges, and writers from across California included: Christopher Sawyer, Dan Berger, Tana Cole, Mike Kerrigan, Mark Chandler, Mike Dunne, Martin Maxwell, and John Mensinger - to name a shortlist.

Tom Bender, competition manager, oversaw the teams of esteemed judges and a dedicated group of volunteers assisted as each wine was thoughtfully evaluated. The annual wine show is hosted by Laurie Giannini, CEO and Fair Manager at the 39th District Agricultural Association, Calaveras County Fair. The Calaveras County best-in-show, double-gold and gold-medal winning wines will be on display at the Calaveras County Fair Wine Pavilion May 16th through 19th. Fair goers will enjoy wine by the glass and bottle sales as well as Calaveras Wine Country Educational Exhibits. In addition to the wine bar, the wine pavilion features an exhibit space that includes an interactive, self-guided experience showcasing sustainable practices in viticulture and winemaking during the annual fair. Past exhibits include Cover Crops in the Vineyards, Exploration of Diverse Soil Samplings from Calaveras Wine Country, Predatory Birds and Bug Use in Grape Growing, and Benefits of Vineyard Hedge Rows in Grape Growing. The Calaveras County Fairgrounds Wine Pavilion sponsored by the Calaveras Winegrape Alliance is located at 101 Frogtown Road in Angels Camp, CA.

And, now for the results! Drum Roll please........

A total of 19 Double Gold Awards, 33 Gold Awards, 92 Silver Awards, and 55 Bronze Awards were presented. A big round of applause goes out to our Calaveras Winegrape Alliance members who took home TOP HONORS! Find the complete results sorted by entry division HERE and a list sorted by winery HERE.

A big round of applause goes to the CWA members who scored Double Golds and Golds (see below). NOW is a great time to get out and explore these special wines in tasting rooms across Calaveras Wine Country.


Black Sheep Winery 2021 GG Zinfandel Best of Calaveras Red & Zinfandel Challenge Winner

Ironstone Vineyards 2021 GG Red Blend "Red"

Ironstone Vineyards 2021 GG Chardonnay "Reserve"

Tanner Vineyards 2019 GG Petite Verdot


Gossamer Cellars 2019 G Barbera

Hatcher Winery 2019 G Merlot

Hovey Winery 2022 G Chardonnay

Hovey Winery 2019 G Red Blend "Founders Blend"

Ironstone Vineyards 2021 G Meritage "Reserve"

Milliaire Winery 2021 G Malbec

Milliaire Winery 2020 G Touriga

Newsome Harlow 2023 G Sauvignon Blanc

School Street Wines 2023 G Pinot Grigio Best of Show White &

Best of Show Calaveras White

Tanner Vineyards 2022 G Vermentino

Val du Vino Winery 2021 G Red Blend "3 Cousins"

Judges Dinner and Wine Pavilion

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