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New History of Calaveras Wine Video Interview Series Just Launched!

April 24, 2020 - Sandra Hess, Executive Director of the Calaveras Winegrape Alliance has kicked off the first of its kind, "History of Calaveras Wine Video Interview Series". The 8-Part Program takes viewers on a journey from the beginning days of grape growing during the Gold Rush Era to the time of Barden Stevenot who truly launched the wine region as we know it today, to interviews with pioneers and historians sharing remarkable stories of discovery and exploration. Today, with 40 tasting rooms to explore, the families of the Calaveras Wine Region continue to innovate and provide unique experiences to wine lovers near and far. Learn more about the history, wineries, vineyards and more in the new Calaveras Wine Region Facts & Figures doc released this January HERE.

In Interview #1, Gay Callan, Owner of Chatom Vineyards is joined by Stephen Kautz, President and Owner of Ironstone Vineyards as we "Begin at the Beginning" with first grapes planted and first winemaking families to shape the Calaveras Wine Region.

In Interview #2, Steve & Liz Millier, Owners of Milliaire Winery and Black Sheep Winery are joined by Historian Judith Marvin and Calaveras Visitors Bureau Executive Director and Film Commissioner, Martin Huberty as they share fond Memories of Barden Stevenot.

To learn more about the Calaveras Wine Video Interview Series, contact the Calaveras Winegrape Alliance HERE. Enjoy!


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