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8 Places to Find the Perfect Holiday Gift in Calaveras Wine Country

Holiday Festival of Wines is a wonderful time to stock up on wine for the Holidays. This weekend (12/8 & 12/9) and all through December, wineries will be offering special discounts and packages, perfect for picking up everything you need for the winter.

A lovely Calaveras Wine itself is a fabulous gift to give at your holiday parties or bring for the host. Calaveras Wine Country definitely has plenty of that to choose from, but there's so much more than wine in these tasting rooms! So here are a few of our favorite things to put on your shopping list while you're at it.

1. Allegorie Wine and Art

If you're looking for a special gift for someone who likes hand-crafted jewelry or art, Allegorie is the place to go. There's a large selection of items that are made by local artists. In addition, there's a selection of wine bags that are almost too cute to just carry wine in them. Take a look around, there's a lot to look at! Pick up a bottle of Petite Coquette Bubbles for your New Years party while you're at it.

Allegore Art & Wine | 432 Main st. Murphys, CA 95247 |

2. Brice Station & Quyle Kilns

Brice Station Vineyards is located on this incredibly enchanting property with views for miles and wine with "Altitude not Attitude". Right across from the tasting room door is a whole other world that will suck you in. Quyle Kilns is full of some amazing hand-made pottery, some of which is so intricate, you'll think it had to have been made by a machine. The people Quyle Kilns are a devoted set of artists with wonderful talent. While you pick up your holiday wine from Brice Station, don't miss out on all of the amazing gifts you can find across the path. A new set of hand-crafted coffee mugs, hand-made holiday plates for your Christmas party, or even a new intricate flower vase for a loved one. The owners will show you around, show you their workstation and you can even sign up to take a class with them. A definite must-see when you're shopping this holiday season.

Brice Station Vineyards & Quyle Kilns | 3353 E. Hwy 4, Murphys, CA 95247 |

3. Lavender Ridge Winery

It's easy to get lost looking at all the goodies in Lavender Ridge Winery's Tasting Room. You can easily leave there with way more than just wine. They have a cheese case that professional Cheese Mongers populate. Truly some amazing deals on some awesome cheeses that you won't find anywhere else close-by. Perfect to bring to your next party.

Among the colorful and full shelves you'll also find some beautiful French Tablecloths, lots of craft food items perfect for picnics or hors-d'oeuvres platters, and some killer Bloody Mary mix that makes a great gift that'll come in handy after all the holiday parties.

Lavender Ridge Vineyard | 425 Main st. Murphys, CA 95247 |

4. Twisted Oak Winery

Rubber chicken paraphernalia may not be on your shopping list (or maybe it is?), but it really should be. Known for its rubber chickens and silly nature, Twisted Oak Winery is the perfect stop for the funny people AND wine lovers on your shopping list. With two tasting rooms chock full of stuff to buy, you're bound to find something for those special someones. Stock up on holiday wine and cozy toesie warming rubber chicken socks for the winter.

5. Locke Vineyards

Locke Vineyards recently opened the doors to their new tasting room. Inside you'll find dried herbs and adorable merchandise that features local artisans and things for the gardener in your life. With the new tasting room, they've also developed a chef's garden, as well as an herb and flower garden.

Locke Vineyards | 949 Green Meadow Ct. Murphys, CA |

6. Aloria Vineyards

With estate grown olives right on the vineyard, Aloria isn't just wine. They feature several flavored olive oils and balsamic vinegar perfect for salads or to add to your favorite dish. For the holidays they have hand-made pasta, olive oil, and red-wine pairing that's a perfect gift for your foodie friend. Here you can also get Bruschettas, olives, and pickled peppers as well as hand-crafted olive oil soaps. So head on in to sample their wines, AND their olive oils and balsamic vinegar to pick out your favorite pairing.

Aloria Vineyards & Renner Wines | 448 Main St Suite C, Murphys, CA |

7. Ironstone Vineyards

Every year during the holidays, Ironstone puts together some amazing gift baskets. There are many different ones to choose from and they are a great deal, especially when you realize how many things they pack in them. With so many to choose from, there something for everyone, such as the "Champagne for two" basket or the "Cutting Edge" basket that features aged cheeses and decadent chocolates. Perfect for a picnic with a loved one or an easy way to impress your Holiday party host. You can even purchase them online. Check it out!

8. Mineral Wines

These guys do rocks and minerals. It's in their name. Not only can you buy their wines in their tasting room, but you can also find a variety of stones to purchase for the rock lover in your life. Apart from making wine, their passion is also collecting rocks and minerals and they've rounded up some real "gems". Add them to a collection or set them in jewelry!

Mineral Wines | 419 B Main st. Murphys, CA |

Finding the perfect gifts this Holiday Season is easy in Calaveras Wine Country. You can shop for the holidays, taste to find the best holiday wines, and vacation all at the same time!

To download a coupon page for the Holiday Festival of Wines CLICK HERE. Or go to

To see a full list of wineries in Calaveras Wine Country, visit or stop by the Wine Information Center in Murphys to get suggestions, guides, and maps.

Happy Holidays from us at the Calaveras Wine Alliance.


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